Thu, 26 May 2005

Referer Tracking for Fun and Profit

I got a nice warm fuzzy feeling this morning to find that the two most recent comments on my blog are from people I have never heard of! Greg from Amazenthings and Guy from Of course, after looking for about three seconds at the articles it's quite clear that this isnt some sudden surge of popularity (more's the pity...) but rather that the 26th of May must be "check your referer logs" day for Austalian webmasters.

In Guy's case, he was responding to Si's link to the website and offered up a few Pizza-shop suggestions of his own. And of course a nice plug for his website as well. Greg, on the other hand, just popped by to say thanks for my little review of Amazenthings, which keeps adding to those warm fuzzy feelings. But it's interesting to see that these guys obviously respect the collective power of the blogosphere to bring them fame and/or fortune.

Although I've evidently missed the national day of referer log checking (but only by a day!) I think I'll head off and have a little look-see into my own site's sordid linkage history. Oh yeah, right after I finish all this work I'm supposed to be doing, hehehe...

Finally, note the unusual absence of linkage in this article - having people follow their referer log back to leave comments on an article about their comments from referer log checking would be just a little too weird!