Sat, 15 Jan 2005

WebChecker-0.1.1a1 Released

The latest project to join my little menagerie is WebChecker, a flexible tool for checking website content. It was cooked up from my desire to automatically spellcheck my website, and grew from there. 100% Python of course, and it finally justifies the work I was putting into PyEnchant.

I like to think of WebChecker as a "link-checker on steroids". I plan for it to perform dead-link checking, spellchecking, automated validation using the W3C tools for both XHTML and CSS, and I'm sure I'll think up some others along the way. Of course it doesnt do all these things yet, but I did manage to spellcheck my website and fix 20+ spelling mistakes.

There's a short technical overview in the README if anyone is interested, and the code is pretty easy going. It's most certainly not ready for general use, but I thought I'd get it out there now that it's actually useful for something. And if anyone has additional suggestions for how such a framework could be used, I'm all ears.