XRCWidgets is a rapid GUI development framework for Python. It utilises the excellent wxPython toolkit and provides a number of facilities to make creating and maintaining GUIs faster and easier.

Features include:

  • GUI Description stored in an XML file, so it can be updated independently of the code
  • Easy integration with GUI designers such as wxGlade
  • Shortcuts for connecting common event handlers
  • Automatic detection of GUI descriptions based on class name

Current Release

The current release is XRCWidgets-0.2.1. Development is still in the early stages but it should be usable for small projects. Most of the functionality will be added only as I need it for other projects, but bug reports or enhancement requests will certainly be appreciated.

You will need a recent version of Python and wxPython installed.

Licencing Details

As of version 0.2.0, this code and associated documentation are released under the terms of the MIT licence. Previous versions were available under an LGPL variant called the wxWindows Licence; the new license is strictly more permissive than the old.

It should also be mentioned that this code was inspired by skills I learned during my summer work with The Victorian Partnership for Advanced Computing. While it shares no code with anything I developed there, I would not be in a position to develop it without the opportunities for learning that they provided me.