Sun, 29 Jul 2007

Aussie Brands: Mighty Passionfruit Butter

In the proud tradition of MightyMite, Three Threes brings us another funny-coloured spreadable paste: Mighty Passionfruit Butter. You might expect a man who names his computers after tropical fruits to be pretty excited about this product. You would be correct. I was puzzled how I could possibly have been unaware of its existence for 25 years, until I googled it for this post and realized that it's brand new.

Short review: I love it! Read on for more, and the breakfast recipe we had this morning.

  • Tip #1: don't judge this product by its smell. I opened the jar and took a big whiff, hoping to be smacked in the face with passionfruity goodness. Nope. I was rewarded only with the disappointing scent of stale butter. Weird, but push ahead.
  • Tip #2: spread thinly. Once it gets in your mouth, the desired passionfruity goodness smack will be delivered.

I had high hopes for this spread and I was not let down. Strong, tangy passionfruit taste - what more could I ask for? (I suppose I could ask for "healthy treat", but taking a look at the ingredients list that's probably a bit much...)

Here's a little recipe (if you can call it that) Lozz and I picked up in a caravan park in Port Douglas, that alerted us to the existence of this product:

Easy Tropical Pancakes

  1. Purchase a jar of Three Threes Mighty Passionfruit Butter and a small can of Golden Circle coconut cream (hey, this is a post about Aussie Brands).
  2. Prepare pancakes according to your favourite recipe (or just google for one), replacing some of the milk with the coconut cream.
  3. Spread with passionfruit butter, close eyes, imagine the sun on your shoulders and a fresh tropical breeze blowing through your hair, enjoy.