Fri, 13 Jan 2006

Aussie Brands: MightyMite

Since it's been in the news lately with the latest Kraft scandal, I thought it's high time to trot out a few entries I've been meaning to do on "Aussie Brands". First on the list is the most Australian replacement for our most Australian of foodstuffs: MightyMite.

When I first went shopping for an Aussie substitute, I was really, really hoping to find some sort of "Dick-Mite". Alas, this particular Dick Smith product seems to have disappeared. Instead there was MightyMite, which helpfully has both a big australian flag on it, and the "Australian Made and Owned" logo. MightyMite is manufactured by Three Threes, an all-Aussie company of the highest regard. They also make great olives and gherkins, and are in fact one of my favourite brands.

I know a lot of people who swear they could never leave Vegemite behind. I've always been a Promite man myself, but I know how disconcerting it is to be faced with a different black paste on your toast. I'm here to tell you, MightyMite may be different but it's good. Give it a shot :-)

The first thing you'll notice about MightyMite is that it's thinner than Vegemite - both in texture and taste. Vegemite is a solid dry black, MightyMite is moister and more of a dark brown. My first thought was that it looked a little sicklier than similar products. But that's only appearances. I find this makes it easier to spread than Vegemite, particularly for me because I dont use butter.

It's definitely got that "black paste taste", but it's a little milder than Vegemite and doesnt make your cheeks hurt in quite the same way. Of course, it is a "rich source of Vitamin B" and is also high in folate, which the media has convinced me will be useful when I get pregnant, but is actually very good the rest of the time as well.

Do I seriously expect to talk anyone off of Vegemite? No, not really. But after several months I am well and truly a MightyMite convert, so the least I can do is a little publicity.