Sat, 10 Sep 2005

Boozing up for Bilbies

Even given the famous health benefits, I still enjoy looking for additional excuses to accompany my dinner with a nice glass of red. Oxfam's Wine into Water program is a good one, but buying wines by the dozen is a little out of my league at the moment. Thanks the the miracle of tram-stop billboard advertising, I've found one I can afford: Banrock Station.

Part of the proceeds from each bottle sold go to Landcare Australia to fund habitat preservation and restoration programs. As you'd expect, their marketing focuses on all the cute little animals that we can help save, starting off with our signature cute animal the Bilby.

Even better, they produce a very respectable Shiraz Cab at a price even college students could afford. So now the nice warm fuzzy feeling of drinking wine can team up with the nice warm fuzzy feeling of saving cute animals! Oh yeah, and it's good for my heart...