Mon, 06 Sep 2004

CAE, Be Free!

This Tuesday (07/09) is the annual Engineers Australia Public Speaking Competition for Melbourne Uni. I have signed up to give a presentation on the need for Open Software in the world of Computer-Aided Engineering, entitled "CAE, Be Free: The Case for Open Software in Computer-Aided Engineering".

If anyone is interested in coming along, the details are:

  • Date: Tuesday 7th September, 2004
  • Time: 4:30pm onwards
  • Place: Theatre A1, Old Engineering Building, University of Melbourne

Basically, my speech will be about the benefits of open software in CAE, the options that exist currently or are being worked on, and what Engineers today can do to help support the cause. I'll be posting a copy of my speech at just as soon as I actually get it finished.

Update: The competition is all over, and my speech brought in first place! Thanks to everyone who gave me feedback. Sadly, the national competition is cancelled so it will live on on my website only...