Wed, 08 Feb 2006

Discover your Autism Quotient

It is a well-known law of the Internet that: For all X, there exists a website that allows you to "Discover your X!". Unfortunately most values of X are stupid, such as "canine personality" (I am a great dane) and "inner TV star" (be stuffed if I can remember my result). Here's one that's actually mildly interesting: Discover your Autism Quotient.

Warning: It requires flash. I feel dirty posting it.

Apprently 11-22 is average, 23-31 is above average, and above 31 there's probably a medical term for your condition. My score was 26. This is not surprising considering my answers to some of the questions, such as:

  • I am fascinated by numbers
  • It does not upset me if my daily routine is disturbed
  • I have to plan any activities I participate in carefully

No prizes for guessing how I answered those.