Fri, 21 Sep 2007

EFA Slams Police Censorship Bill

Passing along an update from Electronic Frontiers Australia about the latest "OMG terrorists!!!" legislation working its way through the Senate: EFA Slams Police Censorship Bill. Some choice quotes below:

"The Communications Legislation Amendment (Crime or Terrorism Related Internet Content) Bill 2007 would, if enacted, give senior members of the Australian Federal Police powers to ban access to Internet content"

"There are no provisions in the Bill for an appeal or review of a decision by the police to ban access to material. The operations of police agencies which affect the rights of individuals should always be subject to judicial oversight. The mistakes made by the Federal Police during the Haneef debacle demonstrate that the police are not infallible and that the courts play a vital role in protecting the rights of individuals."

"This legislation has nothing to do with terrorism. Its powers apply to all offences under a law of the Commonwealth - even copyright infringement. The reference to 'terrorism related Internet content' is a transparent attempt to deter criticism of the substance of the Bill."