Wed, 11 May 2005

End of a (Pizza) Era

The ex-collegians reading this will probably start salivating at the very mention of the name: "Intersection Pizza". Yes, for my four long years at college it was synonymous with late-night pizza cravings, great deals and all-round popular-pizza-place-ness. Perhaps everything looks better through the innocent eyes of a collegian...

Sazz and I have had a long-standing tradition of Thursday night pizza and TV. Intersection happen to have a two-for-twenty pizza deal and deliver for free. Combined with all those fond memories, it seemed like a match made in heaven. Unfortunately things werent quite the way we remembered them:

  • Almost everyone who answers the phone seems to have a hearing problem, so you never know if they've got your address right
  • No-one seems capable of understanding the concept of "Diet Coke". Thank god we're not diabetic
  • Burnt-cheese seems to be their favourite flavour
  • The words "margherita" and "mushroom" are indistinguishable

After weeks and weeks of this, Sazz was finally fed-up enough to tell the guy on the phone that we're unhappy and will be taking our business elsewhere. The response? A hearty scoff.

So we are officially boycotting Intersection Pizza, starting now. Why am I blogging this? Well, what's the point of a boycott if no-one knows about it? But more importantly, we are now in the market for a pizza restaurant that delivers to the West Brunswick area. Any suggestions?