Tue, 26 Apr 2005

Good Tech in The Age

One of the long-time items in my RSS list is the technology news feed from The Age (http://feeds.theage.com.au/rssheadlines/technology.rss). I like to keep abreast of what 'normal people' might be learning about technology. Usually I cant bear to skim more than the first few lines of the articles, but lately they've been running some interesting (and, depending on your software politics, very promising!) articles.

Yesterday, there was a surprisingly long article about Apple's Tiger trouncing Microsoft's Longhorn by actually bringing promised technology to the market. Today, they're re-printing an opinion piece by Richard Stallman about the Linux/BitKeeper fiasco.

Does this indicate a shift in what are consided "mainstream" technology issues. Or have I just never noticed issues like these leaking out of sites such as Slashdot? Anyway, I for one am glad to see them turn up somewhere non-geek-affiliated and can only hope it's part of a growing trend.