Sat, 12 Mar 2005

Holiday Fun

I've been off work for a little while now, and as you can imagine it's time for some serious Holiday fun. Made even more fun by the fact that everyone else is back as school. So I did what any good tourist would do, and journeyed to Phillip Island. Yes, the one with the Penguins. But there's so much more!

While I declined the opportunity to spend $16 to watch a bunch of flightless birds waddle past, I did manage to see a penguin or two for free by going to see the seals at "The Nobbies". Yes, they are irresistably cute. Yes, it helps to be dating a local with a Certificate III in Tourism. Strangely though, I didnt see any seals. Anyone headed out to "The Nobbies", save your money and take some binoculars - the viewing telescopes are about as powerful as a pair of corrective lenses. Worst $2 I ever spent.

Even if you dont care about penguins, you simply must take the time to visit Phillip Island. In fact, even if your family has an ancient blood-fued with the House of Penguin, avoid the shoreline and get along to Phillip Island for one reason: Amazenthings.

OK, so they have a gratuitous-use-of-flash website, but the place itself simply rocks. Go with a friend. Or five. Take the "Puzzle Island" tour. Space out in the illusion rooms. Play all the games. Spend two hours in the maze searching for that damn yellow flag. And whatever else you do: put on the crazy overalls, scale two flights of rickety stairs, take your life into your own hands and experience the Super Mega Slide of Death. Or as they call it, "the slide".

The only thing we didnt get around to was the minigolf (it costs extra) but rest assured, I'll be going back.

Phillip Island. Amazenthings. Go Now!