Sun, 07 Nov 2004

Mango is Go!

For anyone wondering why I've been mysteriously out of contact for the last few weeks, my desktop machine Mango was put out of commission by what looks to have been a power supply problem. He's finally back on his feet after the power supply came back from warranty and the fried motherboard was replaced. Here's hoping that my run of bad luck doesn't continue much longer...

I'd like to put in my own personal plug for the guys over at Computers and Parts Land who've been amazingly helpful throughout the whole ordeal. Warranty service went off without a hitch, and when it was obvious that something else was broken they were happy to help diagnose it for a modest fee (I would have done it myself if I'd had a spare Athlon64 CPU and motherboard to test with, but sadly this isn't the case).

So hopefully everything goes back to normal now. I can regain my Internet addiction just in time for the exam period.