Sun, 11 Dec 2005

OSDC Grab-bag

Last week I had a lot of fun attending the Open Source Developers' Conference at the Monash Caulfield campus. Sadly I didn't have my blog running in time for it, so I've put together this quick grab-bag of thoughts and links from the conference, if you're interested.

  • Photos are available on Flickr.
  • Met the Python release manager, a manic character in colourful pants named Anthony Baxter.
  • Took part in my first ever GPG Keysigning.
  • Treated to a stirring rendition of Larry was a mariner from Audrey Tang, the most instantly fascinating person I've ever encountered.
  • An inspiring keynote from Jeff and Pia Waugh (a.k.a the "Tools for Freedom") on free software and how what we do fits into the infamous "Big Picture".
  • The largest collection of geek and hacker shirts I've ever seen in one place.

All in all, a very enjoyable and informative conference - mostly technical content, but that's to be expected when you get a bunch of geeks together. Baring exceptional circumstances, I'll definitely be going back next year...who knows, maybe I'll even be convinced to help out on the committee!

Who am I kidding? We all know what I'm like with committees. There wouldn't be any convincing necessary.