Mon, 09 Jul 2007

OpenMoko: Free your Phone

For a good couple of years now, I've been telling myself (and anyone else who would stand still long enough) that I'm not upgrading my phone because I'm waiting for a Linux SmartPhone. And waiting. And waiting. Well, looks like it's finally time to put my money where my mouth is:

The OpenMoko Neo1973 is on sale.

This is an open mobile platform in the truest sense - open source software stack, hackable hardware, and at US$300 for the base version it's priced within reach of a good-sized community. Like most devices in the mobile space at the moment, it's drawing a lot of comparisons to the iPhone. Unlike most devices, it's actually getting a few hits in - it's being touted as the anti-iPhone thanks to its robustly open nature.

Now, a very big caveat: the device currently on sale is basically a "developer release". It works, kinda, but software-wise leaves a lot to be desired. The mass-market release is due in October and will offer significant hardware upgrades (including Wifi and dual accelerometers) and more polished software. Nonetheless, my order is in and the end of my long wait is in sight. Free your Phone.