Sun, 15 May 2005

Please welcome...Grapefruit!

After a solid few days of emerging, I am now posting this from the newest addition to my little technology menagerie: Grapefruit. He's a Dell Latitude D500, courtesy of Josh. Pentium-M 1300MHz, 512MB, 40GB, none stoo shabby :-).

Still a lot of things to work out, wifi and software suspend being to big two. I get the feeling this is going to test Linux's laptop capabilities, but I'm confident it'll come out on top...

For the curious, the full team is now as follows:

  • Mango: AMD64 running Gentoo on my desktop
  • Pawpaw: The same AMD64, but running Windows (pawpaw being my least favourite fruit...)
  • Banana: Celeron 500Mz running gentoo and serving this webste
  • Passionfruit: Sony Ericsson T68i
  • An as-yet-not-quite-functional-and-thus-unnamed Sharp Zaurus 5500
  • And now, of course Grapefruit