Sun, 15 May 2005

RFK on the RRRadio

I have just returned from one of the most surreal experiences of my life - being a special guest on Triple R FM Radio. I appeared in my capacity as a "freelance technology consultant" to offer some opinions and advice on computing platforms. I took the opportunity to plug Apple and OSX and try to offer a bit of advice on general computer issues. Sadly, I couldnt bring myself to tell radio listeners that they should all be switching to Linux. Maybe I just haven't found the right distro for the "masses" just yet...?

The program was part of Room With A View, a segment showcasing the talents of RMIT media students. And, of course, I happen to be mates with an RMIT media student who is interested in computers.

There's nothing quite like the disturbing experience of hearing your own voice played back at you...