Thu, 16 Sep 2004

RIP Pineapple?

It's every laptop-owner's worst fear - their complete lack of coordination and common sense results in a rather large glass of water spilled straight into the guts of their running machine. Not a pretty sight folks, and an even less pretty sound. Computer owners, I pray you never have to hear your machine drown.

So after ripping Pineapple apart, drying down everything in sight, and leaving it all to sit overnight, the only sound I can get out of him is a weak 'click' when I plug the power cord in. Is this the end? Does someone out there have a few tricks for bringing laptops back from the brink? Or at least, can recommend a good repair shop?

It's times like these when you think: "Gee I'm glad I purchased that three-year complete cover program with Dell, where they will replace my laptop in the event of accidental damage.". Somehow, it's not such a comforting thought when your three years expired in July...

If I'd happened to do this a few months ago, I'd have a brand new laptop right now. That'll teach me for being honest :-(