Thu, 24 Feb 2005

Recipe for a Nose-Dive

  1. Attempt to develop software against an application with a half-baked, flaky automation interface containing methods which may or may not actually do something
  2. Calling bindings through an automation platform that seems to operate solely by black-magic voodoo
  3. Using a hand-holding development environment to incorporate "click here to insert magic" functionality that glues it together with your code
  4. Prepare perfectly working software demo for important client
  5. Store in a cool place to set for 1 hour
  6. Discover that the application bindings have mysteriously been deregistered from the operating system and your demo will not even run in front of said client

OK, so I'm probably being a little harsh. But as you might have guessed, I've not been having much luck with the latest COM-based application we're developing at work. No specifics folks as it's a commercial project, but can someone please explain why the COM bindings I need would be in place and working at 12:00 and completely missing at 1:00?

After such a delightful run developing in my favorite language, this new platform smacks of too many lofty promises of point-and-click-and-it-will-work and too much black magic. And when it breaks, only voodoo-programming seems to fix it.

So maybe I'm just grumpy and frustrated being in a platform I don't fully understand. But a complete failure of a software demo was not what I was hoping for on my second-last day of work...