Sat, 13 Nov 2004

The Internet Age is truly here!

As anyone who's known me for more than a few days can testify, I'm something of a fan of online shopping. I fell in love with EBay the moment I discovered it. Most of my tech and entertainment needs are filled online and delivered to my door. It's the sole reason I have a credit card! But I never realised just how wonderful this technology could be - until my eyes were opened by the good folks at Moving Menus.

Let me set the scene: Sazz and I have been trying to fight off a mysterious illness for most of the day. Too weak to cook, we've been huddled in her room with some DVDs and the toaster, fending off starvation with our respective favourite black pastes on toast. As she struggled to prepare for work she left me with a single mission - produce some Indian food for dinner.

We've managed this sort of thing before without leaving the house by placing a call to "Moving Menus". They are a service which, "for a small fee", will order food from a restaurant for you and deliver it to your door. If you're in the area, you've probably received their menu in your physi-spam. One of the restaurants on their list is the "Indian Star", the target for my mission. Fighting with a headache and the general grumpiness that comes from a day curled up in bed, I was not looking forward to the human interaction required to complete this assignment. Then I happened to notice that magical phrase: "Order Online".

Not half an hour later, two serves of Dal Makhani have winged their way to our door before I could even finish this story! So ignoring the wisdom behind spicy Indian food under these circumstances, the mission was a complete success.

We're dangerously close to never having to interact with another human being. Most days that kind of scares me, but today it's an absolute blessing, the most wondrous technological achievement of all. I've said it before and I'll never get tired of it: God Bless the Internet.