Mon, 21 Mar 2005

Victorian == Demotion

First, the good news: I traded in my Queensland license for a shiny new Victorian driver's license. Given that I've been living here for over five years now, it's probably about time. It also means I'm one step shy of being a full-blown Victorian - I am yet to buy any AFL merchandise.

Unfortunately, my new home state has seen fit to demote me - this little change has also meant that I am back on my P's until the end of July. Never mind the fact that I've been driving for the last six years. Never mind that I've held my Queensland Open License for two and a half years now. I am sooo mad at VicRoads at the moment...

You see, my just-turned-in Queensland license had the following information on it:

TypeEffectiveExpiry Date

To me, to Queensland Transport, and to anyone with half brain, this indicates that I got rid of my P's on 28th of July 2002 and was issued a new license for my O's, the one that I showed up with to the VicRoads office.

To VicRoads, this indicates that I started my P's on the 28th of July 2002, graduated from them on the same day and moved on to my O's. Therefore, I havent been driving for the three years necessary to qualify for a Victorian open license. Never mind that the Queensland system is exactly the freakin same as the Victorian system and I must have held my Queenland P's for three years to get an open license.

Ooooh I'm mad at VicRoads right now!