I am a software developer and occasional consultant. I live in a seaside village near Melbourne, Australia and currently work remotely for Mozilla. The best way to contact me is by email:

Professionally, I have worked as a programmer and system administrator for over a decade. I am particularly experienced with the Python programming language, which I have used to develop both web-based and desktop applications. I also have substantial experience with JavaScript and enjoy logic programming using languages such as Prolog and Mozart.

Academically, I have completed a PhD in Computer Science with the Intelligent Agents Laboratory at the University of Melbourne. My undergraduate studies were a double bachelor's degree in Engineering and Computer Science, which I was awarded with first class honours. If you're interested in logical approaches to reasoning about knowledge, action and change, you might enjoy a summary of my research and a browse through my published papers.

Personally, I enjoy public speaking, theatre and performance arts of any persuasion. I am a keen hiker and camper, even though it means being disconnected from the Internet for days at a time.

For more information, please see my Curriculum Vitae: