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XML Namespace Selectors for jQuery

May 22, 2009

I hit my first real roadbump with jQuery yesterday, a missing feature that really made me stop and stare in puzzlement: jQuery doesn't support xml-namespace selectors. Since I'm trying to parse WebDAV response bodies, and such documents make extensive use of namespaces, it's quite the issue for me. Or rather, it was quite the issue – read on if you're interested in the details, or just download my solution if you're impatient.

Oh sure, jQuery supports prefix selectors just fine. If your document contains an element <D:response>, you can quite safely query for that element by name as long as you remember to backslash-escape the colon:


This works as long as you can guarantee that a single prefix is used for the target namespace, and that it's used uniformly throughout the document. But the XML Namespaces standard, as well as the WebDAV standard, make it very clear that you can't rely on this in general.

The node name prefix is a purely syntactic construct, while its actual namespace is a semantic property that can be specified in several different ways.

Fortunately, the CSS Level 3 standard provides a very clear syntax and semantics for namespace-aware queries. After declaring 'D' to be the proper WebDAV namespace URI, the CSS-3 equivalent to the above prefix query would be:


Unfortunately, this syntax is largely still a pipe-dream. Not only is it missing from jQuery, but I couldn't find another implementation to help get me off the ground. The only thing for it was to implement it myself – so about six hours later, after studying the internals of the Sizzle selector engine and adventuring from getElementsByTagNameNS through to XPath's namespace-uri() and local-name() functions, I have a solution that I'm happy to show to the world: jquery.xmlns.js.

This plugin extends the jQuery tag and attribute query functions to allow an optional namespace selector. In the simplest case you declare a namespace prefix in the $.xmlns object, then just query for it as normal:

$.xmlns["D"] = "DAV:";

Sadly, the namespace declarations need to be global since the underlying jQuery/Sizzle selector machinery is stateless. If you're anything like me, such globals will offend your delicate programming sensibilities. To perform a namespace-based query and automatically clean up when you're done, you can use the xmlns query method as follows:

$(doc).xmlns({D:"DAV:"},function() {
  //  The 'D' namespace is declared within this function
  return this.find("D|response").each(...);
  //  and removed again when the function exits

It's also possible to specify a default namespace, which will be used when no explicit selector is given. Just pass a string rather than a mapping object, like so:

$(doc).xmlns("DAV:",function() {
  //  This only searches within the 'DAV:' namespace
  return this.find("response").each(...);

Namespaced attribute selectors are also supported, although there are some restrictions as spelled out here. The following would search for elements with a 'href' attribute in any namespace:


Of course, there are plenty of caveats here. I've tested this on Firefox and IE7 and it meets my expectations, but I haven't explored any of the bizarre corner cases that I'm sure are lurking out there. I also haven't done any performance testing, although I have tried hard not to slow down the common case where a namespace selector is not specified. I'm far from an expert here – any bug reports, success reports or general suggestions most welcome!

Now, to actually get on with the job I was supposed to be doing yesterday...